Director’s Vision

My vision for The Hollow One is rooted in the concept of loss, despair, and those that prey on it.  The script was developed with the belief that we all have or will suffer through a devastating loss — which we’ll struggle in our own ways to overcome. For me, it was important to look at both the internal and external battles that rage around us during these dark times. The intent for this film was to create a slow burn built around mystery and self-discovery with compelling characters thrust into unsettling situations with escalating danger.  While not firmly rooted in 80s science fiction/horror, The Hollow One is certainly influenced by arguably that greatest time period in horror history.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.  My current position as Cinematic Manager for a prominent Seattle-based video game company, has provided me with endless opportunities to produce and direct high budget CGI shorts for video games created.

Before my current position, I also worked as a producer for Lockert, Jackson and Associates, a film and video production company formerly located on Bainbridge Island. While there, I wrote, produced, and directed more than 50 segments for a monthly video program. I believe with my experience in games and film I am in a unique position to bridge the industries and help build a community in both sides of entertainment here in Seattle.

Nathan Hendrickson, Writer/Director