Three days into the nightmarish depths of heroin withdrawal, Leo Clemons is ready to do anything to get his fix. After a desperate plea to his dealer goes terribly wrong on the morning of Christmas Eve, Leo is forced to confront his 18 year old cousin Louis, who is also in the throes of addiction. Together, they decide to embark on a last-ditch adventure to cure their suffering, tracking down a series of old junkies and low-life criminals over the course of one afternoon as they traverse the seedy underbelly of society in an increasingly urgent search for relief. When they are offered a long term fix in exchange for the killing of a local kingpin, Leo jumps at the opportunity to achieve his bliss, gradually tossing all of his morals to the wind, at the expense of his young cousin, as he plunges deeper and deeper into his own animal nature.

Lemonheads is coming August 2015